Unit 2 Assessment

Overseeing the whole MA Fine Art Digital course and my development throughout, I am really content with the way it turned out. Looking back, Unit 1 gave me a thorough context of interaction and fluxus, while in Unit 2 I focused more on sound and motion as my main drivers. The latter resulted in the Dynamic Manifesto, which I presented in the Symposium 2 video. I consider that valued video, although quite different in appearance compared to my research paper, also as an indepth work that might trigger a interesting discussion.

Symposium 2

I realise now that Unit 3, which soon starts after my MA graduation, should be bringing the subjects of Unit 1 and Unit 2 in an even more integrated fashion. The layers that I researched are ready to be incorporated. Within my new works for exhibitions, festivals and institutions, I want to explore art and technology in a further enhanced interactive and embodied way, building upon and beyond my MA learnings. Opportunities will be taken up as curators and other interested parties hopefully invite me. The time is right.

Present a resolved body of original creative practice that has evidenced the systematic enhancement of your knowledge and understanding 

A key work in my MA-oeuvre has been ‘The Sound of Indifference’ which I presented on the interim show last year. As I analysed this piece inside-out and vice-versa with detailed experiments, a lot of new related works came and will come forward in the future from this concept. Versions with beaming led lights in turning cans have been already proposed for commission, and new interactive sound works are already on paper.

When presenting my final show parts, I notice some resemblance with earlier concepts, like for example the circular filming works and the video installation ‘Tracing Back How’, but at the same time I see clear technical and artistic additions and improvements. My actual artistic framework is profound and a huge support for decision making. Underneath you find the evidence by tracing back through the posts.

Slow sound

Found sounds (Xhibit entry)

Innovated my diction

Tracing Back

Digital performance

It Is Your Turn

This is… we

As Eyes Can Not See You

The Olive Tree (if Vincent knew video)

MA Show Plans (1) MA Show Plans (2)

The Final Show

Analyse and critically reflect coherently upon your own practice and its context 

Next to visiting some relevant exhibitions about Kinetic Arts and others, three conferences were visited during the last year. The Smart Culture Working Conference, Coded Matters III and The Research Guerilla Adventure were full of innovative insights. New paradigms in my thinking ignited or got more shape. The tutorials were joyful and valuable as ever, it confirmed to be essential to have dedicated “sparring partners”. The conscious reflections during and after my experiments became a natural habit in my practice-based research. This guides my making in a more deliberate way than ever before; intuition of the process and targeted creating are going hand in hand, always aware that my work will be an expressive negotiation in the field of FOUND FLUX AND FLUENCY

Exp. 211118 : motion

Exp. 221118 : sound vs visual

Memory edit – Conferences and Exhibitions

Slow sound

Exp. 151218 : sound comparison

Exp. 161218 : projections

Some machine learning

Towards the found sound machine

Found sound options

Tracing Back


It Is Your Turn

Failure stays an option

Sensing research

Fishy soup, sticky reflection 

Broadcasting a tribute

Tutorial 6 Tutorial 7 Tutorial 8

Dynamic Manifesto video Dynamic Manifesto text

Summarise and evaluate your overall progress and formulate a constructive plan for continuing Personal and Professional Development

Critical evaluation

Future plans ?


Many and heartfelt thanks to all who tutored, assisted, reflected, supported, let me exhibit, fed, curated or assessed me and my work. I couldn’t have done it without you! It has been an amazing experience. See you soon and THANKS