Tutorial 5 – research paper

Date: 26th of September 2018

After sending my draft research paper to tutor Gareth Polmeer, we had a really fine exchange in this tutorial. Fortunately Gareth was happy with how much work was done and that there is a really comprehensive draft with a lot of really good material. As it is currently too lengthy in its core text with 5400 words, now the question will be what to edit out? This cutting down must be done till the paper is 4000 words maximum, as the nature of research paper is to be a snapshot.

Therefore we discussed ways how to do this editing: summarise more concisely, pointing toward books as references, putting things in your final conclusion what could also be addressed here and what next can be developed from this. Of course, cutting down means also keeping the balance of not becoming to abstract, but too much elaboration can simply deviate from the important thread of your work.

Gareth assisted me in seeing the essence of my paper even more clearly. He focussed the question furthermore on what am I trying to say epistemologically about the interactive art? This has a lot to do, really short said, with the oscillation, being dialectical, between the conscious self and perception, necessary for a meaningful and layered experience. He encouraged me to be strict with this idea, as this fine tuning could make my engaged paper an even better paper in the end.

Next to interrelating theory and artworks somewhat more, we talked also about the chosen keywords, and decided on a better set. Lastly, Gareth suggested a good tactic for the title, to make it more ‘catchy’ and outstanding, which I surely will follow. Feeling encouraged again, there are about three weeks for finishing the research paper, which is a good position to be in. Thanks Gareth!

editing with analog red pen has begun