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As visual artist I create experimental films, video installations and site-specific works about human conditions.

Originally I graduated as Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. Firstly, I learned to work with systems, axioms, concepts and transformations. Soon after graduating the Delft University of Technology I realized that I am a creative maker of physical works that could communicate in new way. I became an expert in domino toppling and used chain reactions as a communication tool. As creative entrepreneur I herewith successfully made television shows, commercial productions, team buildings and workshops for about 20 years.

However, my philosophical nature was always searching for a more personal storytelling. So in 2011 I became a full-time artist. Perception of time, movement and being have always been my core interests. I was selected for master classes in art, media and film and received two years of artist mentoring. Interesting residencies followed at Tenerife (Spain/2012), Salzburg (Austria/2015), Dortmund (Germany/2016), Gouda (Netherlands/2016,2017).

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In my studio I experiment with recording of movement with scanners under the working title of ‘Moterials’, i.e. materials in motions. In above example I used only one object to gain this diverse outcome. It raises many interesting questions to me, like what is the object about when movement interferes with the object itself?

I photograph often in the field which is serving for me as making visual haikus. Here are some images from the ongoing series ‘The End Is Here‘ where I am trying to capture the last movement before the final transition. Life implies death and vice versa. From early on in my life, this knowledge has played an important role in my being-here and is a main driver for being a conscious creator.

Mostly I am filming moving objects and interesting light situations. I edit, combine and condense these materials, make sound tracks, and create short pieces of video in which movement builds a narrative story. See for a brief example the work ‘Execution‘.

At residencies I work site-responsive and use the essential tools within my skillset for the concept at hand. I build installations while talking, thinking, researching, making and testing as doing and feeling exercise. I try out different projections and configurations. I invent local solutions with simple analogue means. Meanwhile I start making films and edits, shooting photos, selecting texts and build the final installations.

My main theme has to do with human conditions. Examples are ‘Drifted Times’ about being orphan through time and ‘Seven strangers and the mover’ in which synchronicity is problematized. ‘Light Stuff’ was a short artist collaboration wherein video as material is researched.

Here you find more about my statement.