Symposium 2 feedback

I like the concept of the in-between

You see only movement in Robin’s work highlighted, rather than the whole image

I really like the idea that we are in constant movement and things are constantly changing and never the same.

Wondering if he is keeping any trace of that, any memory of that?

Robin is the most thorough in documentation, he keeps his moments 

There is so much going on in the work of Robin. And at the same time for instance he comes with one idea very well presented for the interim show (The Sound of Indifference installation). It is a matter of deliberate choice. 

Robin’s video is so artistic! I like the swing interactive installation very much. It is playful and dynamic! The audience can experience via playing the swing and discover how they interactive with the work or changing the graphics

There is a transformative element in his work

Super unpredictable in a good way

Professional approach to video

The between: in Robins work has been pushed  in some way of the process that the source is removed at some time, is utterly processed, forced to accept it on its own aesthetic terms, instead of some representation 

Interactive makes it special

Although sometimes I felt eye-irritation due to some used video effects

I felt like that was deliberate and part of the effect

It’s really cool that your work is hinged on experiences, and just now in your video, we experienced your research rather than you just telling us about it

Smart use of the speed of sound

The spheres remind me of yin and yang

I feel like i am watching eckhart tolle the artistic version of wisdom

There’s an ominous quality to the background sound and the graphics of the video

What would you say is your core reason for wanting people to interact with your work?

R: Interaction is for me the dynamic process towards further public perceptions 

I see a journey of self discovery 

Oh wow the installation ! only you creates that and knows what it means !

its like art mixed with physics 

Great presentation 

Your way of film making is brilliant and how you combine it with sound !!! and the narrative behind it is mind blowing !

The world in motion idea was very palpably conveyed in the video

Like an archive process

And the concept of change like aren’t we all trying to figure that out and live accordingly ! and how you transfer it through your work is amazing

The atmosphere in the video is similar to some old-school sci-fi movies 

I think the problem in including a manifesto is that people will tend either to agree or not. there are not middle ways. It is like a political statement

The aesthetic in its own right is visually dynamic 

I really like your work Robin. It’s fun. And very “real” of that makes sense 

The in-between space – is the space of counter exchange – homeostatic infact


Thanks very much to all contributors