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Proposal for: Amsterdam Light Festival, The Netherlands




Working title: REINTERPRETED

Main concept: Mixed Media Installation, artistic storytelling, film, performance, projection with textiles

Proposal for: Art Inside Out, Digital and Textile Media Residency in Äskhults by, Kungsbacka, Sweden

Why do you want to take part in this residency?

Artistic storytelling has been there throughout my working life. As filmmaker and as artist, I know that delicate stories will make a lasting impression. I define myself often as maker of moments, to make enduring experiences and experiments. Making connections is essential in my practice. Connecting with the place and with the people involved. I am looking forward to interacting with Jesper Norda, who created an inspiring oeuvre of work.

Searching to get connections with my peers, audience and everyone involved, not for my sake, but for the contribution. Thinking about doing, doing while thinking, listening to others, sensing and making, that describes my methodology. Presenting and communicating the work is important too, for all stakeholders as well as for my development. Showcasing the accomplishments, doing screenings, creating forthcoming workshops, having an artist talk, these are all parts of my artistic being.

I really would like to contribute to the professional art field In Sweden and in particular to the important work of Art Inside Out. Reading about the Digital and Textile Media Residency and talking with my peers about it, made me already an ambassador for your work. This residency will result in a fascinating story all together.

How would you work?

As an artist I always work in a site-responsive manner, having a strong concept of the well-balanced human-scale in mind. I don’t “draw plans” beforehand, as I feel this limits my creative way of problem solving. Everything needs to be done locally; exploration, research, creation and collaboration, as I believe that is the only way the artwork can properly reflect its environment.

I will make things happen. As I am proactive and agile, I am engaging with change in mind. My narrative installations are always moving in ways that makes people questioning.

The following steps are foreseen:

  • Exploration and research to find particular artefacts and small personal stories
  • Experimenting with textiles and projection on textiles
  • Bringing in a performative element and making a film with the revitalised narratives
  • Probably I will look for collaborative local people to participate in the performance
  • Build an installation of textiles and projection beamer(s)
  • Realise (ongoing) screenings in this new setting
  • Doing an artist talk, having a reflection workshop

A good example of a similar approach is the work ‘Drifted Times’ which I made during a residency and exhibition in an old orphanage in The Netherlands.

Relation to digital and textile media

Currently I am working on ‘Projections into the unknown’, a practice-based research project pertaining to my Master in Visual Arts in Fine Art Digital at Camberwell University of the Arts London. In this project I am investigating how digital technology, both in the virtual and physical domains, may enhance narrative experimentations and how to gain new insights in these hybrid matters.

Questions about materiality of textiles arise here naturally and I think I will work towards a phenomenological approach. As my storytelling work mostly revolves around human conditions, I will explore the archives and available materials and sites, to create newly informed and open sets of fragmented stories in bridging these personal interests. Furthermore I should mention that I love to work with physical materials like textiles that can be sensed, smelled, viewed, scanned, recorded, transformed, projected onto, installed, and so on. I certainly feel it is a precious thing to bring humans and their historic objects and surroundings in a newly integrated yet multi-perspective way together by providing us mesmerising stories.




Main concept: Immersive Audio-Visual Installation with physical and virtual interactions

For: Edith-Russ-Haus Grant for Media Art 2018, Oldenburg, Germany




Questioning the concept of Time during an immersive experience. What is time? How do we perceive the flow of time and what is our relationship with it? What is time for a plant? How can we approach the deep time of rocks? What is the relationship between the time of machines, of human beings and natural cycles? What is free time? What is time for contemporary physics?

“Expanded body #2 _ Inhabiting Time. An experience about Time in the Oasi Zegna” is a residential module conceived for the second year for Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto and Fondazione Zegna by Andrea Caretto / Raffaella Spagna with the participation of two guests: Prof. PhD José D. Edelstein (Theoretical physicist, Department of Particle Physics, University of Santiago de Compostela) and Prof. PhD Marco Giardino (Geomorphologist, University of Turin).