MA show plans (2)

Visual artist Robin Weijers creates experimental films, video installations and interactive art works. His playing field is in the hybrid mix of site-specific and performative works and time-based and digital domains. He considers himself as playful creator of moments and interactive experiences. The multi-layered and highly personal works may be read as philosophical expressions, in which his intuitive visual language explores the human condition and the incommensurable being in uncertain conditions.

Robin is fascinated by motions and moving images as his artistic works explore actual moments of change and their meaning to our lives. During this MA Summer Show he presents his Dynamic Manifesto and interactive installations with found materials in an immersive setting.

It Is Your Turn’ is an interactive installation in which found objects become found sounds. Please feel free to play your own tune on this peculiar interactive instrument where touch and sound are separated from the visual effects.

Tracing Back How’ is an immersive video installation that makes use of found ceramic objects. Numerous pieces of small ceramics were found at the northern shore of England, polished by the oscillating sand and sea waves. As the Dutch artist found the objects in 2016, shortly after the Brexit referendum, the findings remind him also of the talks with locals about the still turbulent ‘leave or remain’ issues. These events inspired to an experimental video installation in which Robin questions ‘how islands and thoughts come into existence’.

As Eyes Can Not See You’ is a video work in two parts made on a remote beach in Southern Spain. By digitally extracting steady states the work focuses on the movement of unseen microplastics in the sea and the neglected waste on land as ingredients of our anthropocentric soup.