MA show plans (1)


Title: Found Projections of Unknown Existimotions

Dynamic Manifesto

Video statement on a monitor, with headphones. In essence a collage film consisting of already shot footage in connection with voice-over / texts of my personal findings. [see the concept text here]

The Sound of Indifference III

Interactive installation with (literal) Things I’ve Picked Up during my MA-course, working with sound sensors, filled cans and participants. Note: lay-out and boxes will be different, modular build for flexible constellation.

Tracing back through the Maelstrom

Installation of moving plastic barrel with found ceramics in combination with video projections of ‘Tracing Back’. The projection about found objects in movement to show the in-between state of experience and representation. Projection may come from black barrel with sound scape on head phones. (work in progress)

Video works on big monitor

Several video works made during the MA study on a full HD monitor (I could supply this LG 42 inch monitor given space in my car) with multiple headphones. I would prefer to have a simple bench or other sitting possibility in front of the screen.


– It Is Your Turn (manual interactive installation) with some separation (wall, divider, cloth) in between, so that touch delivers the sound without the seen cans, and that others may only see and hear without seeing the activating hands.

– Performative act of drawing projected movements on white carton board flooring under the working title ‘everything and everybody is presently transformed – nobody said it would be easy’. (this might be my extra exploration during the 11 till 17 July week)