It Is Your Turn

The installation I made, originated from the idea to focus on the most direct tangible interaction one could have with my sound can installations: a haptic experience. Instrument makers are mostly working with tactile designs, so I started with that in mind. I thought about the physical touch as cause and the found sounds from the cans as consequence. I made some preliminary sketches thinking about a wall with just some handles, that could be turned. On the other side of the (gallery) wall people would see and hear the work playing, but there should be no clue on this side that the sound was triggered by the interactors. This separation of action and perception would make the installation quite intriguing.

While designing I realised that the handles should be round, so gravity would not put them every time in the same low position. I decided to make some wooden boards with slits, to make a more diverse set of behaviours possible. I took a lot of different items which were lying around in my studio and tested their sounds. When being sensitive, I noticed that one can really feel the instrument objects in your hands. In this way the work grew over time and then I asked some kind volunteers to play (with) the installation: I just said ‘It Is Your Turn’.

Looking at the work now, I have further ideas and elaborations about different compositions, about bringing in an old radio and making its parts their transmittance, and more about the idea of separating the interactors and the spectators. However, these notions bring up too much to describe right now, considerations for later.