Tracing Back

The next piece that I am started to work on is called:

Tracing back how islands and thoughts come into existence

It will become part of my series of works about Existimotion.


  • my tumbling engine concepts which make visual and sound representations of motions and interactions, to be read as philosophical considerations about existing in motion.
  • small ceramic found objects that were waiting in my studio for their application. There is quite a backstory to these objects. In 2016, just some weeks after the British referendum took place, me and my family travelled through the North of England and Scotland. Of course, I talked with people – if they were prepared – about the vote to leave the EU. When visiting Allonby in Allerdale Cumbria where 58% voted for Leaving, I felt quite depressed after some conversations. That afternoon when walking on an almost deserted beach, the weather was quite bad too, we found a lot of small ceramics with fine drawings on them. These were apparently thrown into the sea and washed ashore. We collected these pieces and I was always thinking about making a Brexit work with them. A small film is coming soon, but now suddenly these found objects got their appropriation in my bigger tumbling concept.

Some imagery of Tracing back how islands and thoughts come into existence (version 1) :