Sometimes things come together in a miraculous way. As a colleague artist (thanks Henri) pointed me towards a fascinating documentary by Spark in which my love for quantum physics, floating balls and birds coincided.

Q: Which animal you prefer to be? A new bird that crosses such a majestic Eagle flying or floating high in the sky, with capacities from the remarkable name-bird of mine: the Robin, would be my answer. In this concurs my holistic approach in valuing both overview and details, and the physical world with all its (in)visible phenomena, like magnetism in this case.

About floating balls, I will be brief, one of my earlier works was called ‘Mating Secrets of Primary Forms‘ and shows you what I also explored:

About Quantum mechanics I spoke already during an earlier post, in honouring teachers (in common) and my physics teacher in particular: Talking about transformations and influences.

All of the above syncs for me in the following documentary. Important to note that the scientist Prof. Jim Al-Khalili comes out of his lab to demonstrate what science means in the real world. There is a trending sense of practice-based research, as in showing that lab findings impact every day life altogether and universally.

test for yourself: two knots, different results