Found Sound options

Here are two concept examples of the FOUND SOUND MACHINE. (Note: ‘Found Sound Engine’ feels a better name for this personal creation process of sound engineering, so maybe I will change it in the sequels to follow).

Both examples are based on the same sound and video recordings, but treated really different in the editing process. FSM 4.2 is a type of instrument setting, which started to get interesting when cans were hold in time and their content changed. FSM 5.2 is more stacking strategy where the sound editing is done, like if it would be a music track, although the result may not remind you to that. The sound of the latter is spatially changing as well, so more walking through a surround sound scape, while in FSM 4.2 there is a stereo scape offered. So, preferably listened with head phones.

To be discussed further in detail…

FSM 4.2

FSM 5.2