Memory edit – Conferences and Exhibitions

In the last weeks I have done a number of inspiring ‘artabouts’. It is much too much to describe in short time or one post, so here a provisional scheme, a visual memory of some sort.

I will work from this post to formulate my reflections on the ongoing matters. Thus, this post will change content wise all the time. Maybe visit it later again to see what’s changing, what’s edited in/out?


Exhibition in De Kunsthal Rotterdam: Action – Reaction, 100 years of Kinetic Art















visits to EYE Film Institute: Ryoji Ikeda – about data visualisation

















RijksAcademie Open – Mire Lee, Josse Pyl, Marit Westerhuis, Arvo Leo




































Gerrit Rietveld Academie – 50 years exhibition



























Several prominent Amsterdam art galleries and in the Old Church – Gabriel Lester, David Claerbout, Craig Horsfield, Janet Cardiff
























































Exhibition in De Pont Tilburg: Ann Veronica Janssens





















Smart Culture Working Conference: exploring artistic research, exploring new collaborations

Reflection about

  • ‘Drifting Studio Practice; a return of the making in thinking’… a film screening by Lonnie van Brummelen… a distanced artistic research example?
  • ‘Art & Reflection’ by dr. Thijs Lijster : thinking through the arts… a workshop?
  • Talk by Yvonne Dröge Wendel with respondents Julian Kiverstein and Jonne Hoek… playful and philosophical research about the role of objects in human existence… now we are talking!























Coded Matter(s)


Reflection about:

  • Christian ‘Mio’ Loclair his Narcissus presentation about (un)predictability and his question: “what do you always see and what do you have the least clue about?”
  • Jonathan Reus presentation – about live-coding and thinking in non-convergence mode
  • Shailoh Phillips presentation about connectology, and patent liberation front
  • Presentation by Tez about bio art systems and what it means to be alive?
  • Alan Warburton ‘CGI is great for artists’ talk, and his fine video essays, while questioning software affordances
  • answer: “your self”