Exp. 151218 : sound comparison

A sound comparison of found sound objects and what could follow from here.

Type 1 till type 5 are different ‘rhythm and rattle devices‘. Type 6 and type 7 have been digitally manipulated, through slow motion by 50% and 25% of the realtime effects. An interesting sound ‘projection’ was herewith established as well. This conceptual twist has already led to the slow sound experiment 141218 which has generated some great feedback in the meantime. 

It has become more clear by doing this experiment how I can partially effect the sound production. Materiality of the objects matters in many ways. A heavy plastic object provides the rhythm while a number of plastic tubes or tie-wraps provides the rattle for instance. Metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, rubber, rope, foils… each brings their own characteristic sound spectrum into play.

Speed and ways of intermittent turning are especially important to the actual sound production. By influencing and adapting to the specific content of the sound containers, a vast array of different sound scapes lies ahead.

This made me thinking of how to create different sonic instrumentaria, to be considered as ‘artistic tools’ and to be made out of different kind of containers and found contents. Although I find it troublesome to speak in this context about instruments, while my sonic devices are not meant to produce music but sound scapes, I feel a certain resemblance with instrument makers now. Some sketches for new constructions are stored for later.