Slow Sound – Exp. 141218

An experiment with slow turns and slow sounds of found objects, to be used in an expanded projections and special (cave) settings. Selected for the Hollow Chambers Project exhibition in the wonderful Crypt Gallery in London.

The archetypical cave can be seen as a container. A cave of reflecting thoughts, light and dark, in philosophical sense loaded by Plato and burdened with his dualistic representations, to be uncovered by our activating world experiences.

We might have visual ideas about the quintessential cave, but what may it sound like? The physical cave, like The Crypt Gallery, is a universe of its own where an embodied sound and visual experience may raise an intimate and novel encounter.

During my master trajectory MA Fine-Art-Digital, I focus on motion and interaction as metaphors for being alive and what kind of expressions these can lead too.

‘Slow Sound -Experiment 141218’ came forward in my practice-based research. It followed from the sub-interactive installation called ‘The Sound of Indifference’ shown during the Interim-Summer-Exhibition at Camberwell-UAL. Then I walked around Peckham Road and filmed and picked up discarded street litter. These were designated as Found Objects that became Sound Objects in a multiple-can installation.

Experiment 141218 is playing around with found objects in three cans, read containers or even caves. This play, both physically and digitally, leads to slow turns while the sound is in slow motion as well: a liminal sound space arises.