All those lenses

During my research and writing the draft paper I am excited to go at so many places. Not literally because I stay mainly at my desk but in my mind I travelled far. Anthologies of changing ideas, speculative arts, history of Fluxus, practicable, aesthetics of interaction, documents of contemporary arts, art as experience, from margin to centre, history of installation art, rethinking curating, critical theory, those are some of the titles which are on my desk right now. Next to these are a bunch of research papers all over the desk, journals and abstracts of other studies included like psychology, human machine interfaces, phenomenology, performance art and avant-garde music. Fluxus reminded me again and again to keep having fun while playing some serious and doubtful notes. Now I treat my developing paper as a theatre stage with many actors doing audition for their parts.

One could say that my approach is only one way to look and play with Fluxus and the interactive arts. It sure is. However, drawing from all these different fields from the arts and sciences, I see these as many paths which all could lead me to anywhere in the humanities. I found so many fascinating corners and points of views there, that – when hypothetically speaking I would start all over with my research paper – I surely would have difficulty in choosing another subject again.

Just yesterday this extraordinary book of James Jerome Gibson, founder of the ecological psychology, came from the library. The ecological approach to visual perception opens a new lens again to my subject. Seeing while moving and how we really perceive actions are topics that would really need more time to investigate in depth. Today Roy Ascott appeared on stage again, how promising it felt.

Doing research and writing the paper is so to say a study within the study. It requires a lot of reading, a lot of thinking and interpretation, and a lot of decision-making… sometimes I even write some paragraphs too. Within my constraints of time limits and intellectual capacity, I try to make the best of it. I have to admit that not all the lenses I looked through are my cup of tea. It is an ongoing battle for priorities and actors as I love the lenses I have found. Soon I will hand over some binoculars to the public of my paper theatre.