Visual notes of residency

The following short video translates some of my personal thoughts and doings during the low residency at Camberwell College in London. This video is surely no attempt to make a representative diary or report. However, I feel the ‘visual notes of residency’ can be read and may open up some illustrative insights into my artistic being.

Here I would like to thank everyone involved for the inspiring time we shared. It was great to get to know both the first and second years MA-peers and our tutors, visiting artists and lecturers. New friendships are made. In particular I want to thank Jonathan Kearney for the remarkable organisation and the very special evening with his family at his home. Furthermore I am grateful to Ed Kelly that he granted me the rights to use his distinctive voice, which were recorded during the interactive sound workshop. Thank you all!

Underneath some video stills which remind me for later to certain ideas to be described.