On first reflection

October 4, 2017

Today I am setting up a new blog on my website. This blog will function as a reflective journal for my master project in Fine Art Digital (2017-2019). This online/part-time course is guided by Camberwell College University of the Arts London.

The first thing I did, just before I started this Master Project, was making a visual for the work at hand. The working title I choose is ‘Projections Into The Unknown’. I always work with working titles as for me it is a way to describe first ideas and concepts I don’t want to forget during the following practice. It gives a sense of direction and reminds me what I’m working at. Mostly when the work advances the titles change also.

Yesterday during the group chat we talked a little about what reflection is. I consider reflection as a continuous process of inner feedback which works both during the action in the practice as well as afterwards looking at what you have made. I believe in the unconscious development when you are not at work, but are wandering around, sleeping or doing other things. The reflective process will become even more a conscious learning by rigorous writing in stages about the developments. In the chat-session I formulated the value of reflection as follows: ‘reflection is like water, you need it to see clearly, so you can’t without’.

Looking back, it is interesting that the first visual is based upon a photograph that I made of a reflecting pool of water. Water has certain qualities that are very attractive to me. By being fluid it moves, by being reflective it gives a second image of another world – often much more vague imagery – and water can be almost transparent and luminescent as well as pitch dark. As water is hard to catch, you can’t really control it or bend it the way you would like to. This is an interesting feature too.

I am not exactly sure why I think now of the work of Bill Viola called ‘The Reflecting Pool’ (1977-1979). I have to look again but I remember it is a tempting and demanding work of about 7 minutes to look at. Maybe the work gives a clue about reflection too. You can deconstruct it but it plays with expectations at the same time. What comes next is still the question.

Just now I think that one of the first experiments I am going to do has to be with projections in or onto water. Last Sunday I found a piece of sculptured marble which I want to be video projected. Therefor a set of three ingredients is chosen for the first experiment: water, stone and video.