Experiment 1410

October 14, 2017

Projection experiment 1410 – marble piece, video from acer beamer, 2 types of footage

Just some notes (click on pictures for full-size)

Footage: ‘Swings’ – colours work, images not, could deliver interesting photo pictures






Question whether video may be visible outside object or should be covered (with carton board f.i.) or should be mapped?






Footage: ‘Interspace’ (white&black&blocks)



Question: When does they -the material object and the digital image- work together, against each other, complement, contrast… when is it believable? and why?


First reflections

Video as material beyond the boundaries of the fixed object is fascinating.

Question where the focus of the projection should be; on the object or on the boundaries or even on the background.

Potential for moving video but also for moving the object.

Technical note: documenting beamer projection with video camera should be done with different shutter speed.

Text on object and boundaries lead to interesting options.